Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crush Cups.

Ethan had been begging me to buy these "Danimal Crush Cups" forever. So I finally bought them at the grocery store last week. It's basically yogurt in a cup that you crush to get the yogurt out. No spoon required. Well yesterday Ethan was eating one and somehow got sidetracked. He must have left it on the couch where Sammie could reach it. Next thing I know I hear this slurping sound...coming from Sammie. I look over at him and see that he is covered from head to toe in yogurt. Its not only all over him but the rug and the couch as well. So I get up and take the crush cup away from him and he just melts. He was obviously having a great time with it. How dare I take it from him! So I thought screw it, let him make a mess. I put a bib on him and put him in his high chair and let him at that crush cup!! It was pretty cute watching him lick his lips and fingers! Must have been finger lickin good!

Ode to my Spoon.

Ode to my plastic spoon.
Oh how I love you.
You allow me to eat all day long, the food that I love.
You make my chocolate pudding a yogurt taste delicious.
Eating just wouldn't be the same without you.
I don't know why Ethan ALWAYS poses with his spoon when I take his picture...

Friday, September 18, 2009

9 months old.

Enjoying his free roam of the kitchen cupboards while the kitchen is "under construction". Loves to play with macaroni boxes the most!!
One of his favorite toys.
If I am feeding him, and he can't see the TV, this is what he does! :(
Happy Baby!

Last Friday, Sammie got to have his 9 month check up with the Dr. He weighed in at 19lbs. 8oz. and is 27.5 inches tall. He didn't need any shots although he recommended we get Sam a flu shot. So we did, and he didn't even flinch. He whined for a second and as soon as I picked him up he was fine! Then I had to take him over to lab to get his finger pricked so they could check his hemoglobin. Sammie has added 2 more teeth to his collection. On the bottom. So he has 4 on top and 4 on bottom. He is getting really good chewing adult food. He actually gets really mad if we are eating dinner and I try to feed him baby food! He wants what we are eating!
He is still waking up atleast 3 times a night. And he wants to eat every single time! Can't wait until he's grown out of that. Sam can stand on his own now too, and even cry while doing it. He has become such a mamma's boy. I can't get anything done because he either wants me on the floor with him or to be held all day long. When I leave the room he cries...hysterically. Makes it hard to do anything around the house!! And he puts everything in his mouth. EVERYTHING! We really have to watch whats laying on the floor, which can sometimes be difficult to do when there is a dog and a pre-schooler around!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Pay It Forward.

This weekend has just not been the best one for me. Started out Friday with what I thought was the flu, which turned out to be mastitis...again. So I was nursing that all weekend. :( Well this morning was the first day I haven't woke up with a headache..maybe cause Sam slept OK last night? Anyways, Nick and I both didn't want to cook breakfast, and McDonald's sounded spectacular. So in the drive through I went, and pulled up to the window to pay, and the lady said here's your receipt have a nice day! I gave her a funny look, because I hadn't even paid yet, and she said the gentleman in front of you paid for your meal. I was shocked. What a nice gesture in this world today. I stuck my head out the window and said thank you!! He waved and said no problem! So I come home and tell Nick, and he said how ironic that was because he just did that to someone behind him in the take-out line the other day! What comes around, really goes around!! So now it's my chance to pay it forward! What a nice ending to a weekend that started out so crummy!
**Oh, and we got a new piece of furniture for our kitchen! I will take a picture and show you, it's beautiful. Matches out new counter tops just great!**

Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Day of Pre-School!

Ethan enjoyed some waffles and OJ before his first day!!
Got my backpack I'm all ready to go Mom and Dad!!
In front of pre-school.
Playing with trains.
Ethan was really excited about going to Pre-school for the first time today. He never showed any sign of not wanting us to leave. Thank goodness for the trains and toys!! He had a blast! When I picked him up I asked him what he did and he said he made chocolate chip cookies. I thought oh great, it's only the first day of school and they are already filling up on junk! Then when we got home I opened up his backpack and there what a paper chocolate chip cookie!! Too cute! Ethan's first "art work" got hung on the fridge...typical place right?!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

All about Sam.

Sam is almost 9 months now. I can't believe how fast they have gone. He is such a big boy now. He is cutting another tooth on the bottom right now, so the sleepless nights are back in full force. Poor little guy! He LOVES to eat what you are eating. Well he pretty much just loves to eat! Every time we eat, I have to give some of my meal, cut up really small. It's funny to watch him chew with his front teeth! :) I have this food grinder thing by Kid Co that's pretty cool. It grinds up anything into bite size portions for tiny fingers. Sam is learning to stand on his own. He does it only for a few seconds, but he's trying! And he's talking much more too. Sometimes he will hold an entire conversation with you!
More updates on my little cutie next week after his 9 month Dr. visit!!

Help me Daddy...NO, I don't need a hand!!

We took the kids to Palisades State Park a couple weeks ago. It is so pretty there. I had never been there before, so I didn't know what to expect. We all wore flip flops...wrong choice in shoes! Lots of hiking trails, and very slippery rocks to climb on. Ethan had no fear. Literally. He would walk to the edge and look over. Freaked me out. I was so afraid that he was going to slip and fall. It made my stomach hurt he got so close. So I told Nick that him and I would have to go back without the kids, so we can actually climb the rocks!

Nick and Ethan did climb a little rock. The entire way up Ethan was yelling at Daddy "Help Me," then when Nick would reach his arm out to help him, Ethan would yell "No, I don't need a hand". He was so stubborn!


Ethan had his very first trip to the dentist yesterday. I would have taken pictures, but I forgot my camera, and I didn't even have my cell phone! :( Oh well.
He did so good. I thought he might be scared or not open his mouth etc., but he was awesome! He is just about ready to start pre-school in 2 more days!! I think I am in need of those 2 1/2 hours to spend with Sammie, and hopefully get some things done around here!
I just can't believe from here on out, it's school, homework and sports...where did my little baby go??
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