Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Getting Ready for Trick or Treating.
I made Sammie a puppy hat with ears, and put brown paint on his face for a nose and freckles! He rubbed the freckles off a couple time. Finally I gave up.
Were ready to go Mom and Dad!
Samuel, cousin Dylan, and Ethan

My Handsome Fire Fighter!
My little puppy all bundled up!

Getting sleepy and wanting to be held by his Mommy.

Daddy and his boys.

Sam was bored of waiting to carve pumpkins!

Yeah...this is as far as we got of carving pumpkins. No one was in the mood to scrape them out, and clean up the mess afterwards! :( Maybe next year!

Getting my face painted! I had to sit really still, and I did not like that!
Look I did it!!

Like my puppy hat and my monster slippers?

Mommy and her hunks!

Hope you had a good Halloween! Ethan got WAY TOO much candy,
but had a blast trick or treating with his cousin!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Crocodile tears.

In his pumpkin tee from Grandma Kris.

Now one thing I don't understand is how at 7:45 in the morning,
breakfast can quickly go from this:

to this:

and this:

Maybe that's why he went down for a nap at 8:30!
He is teething really bad.
And I feel bad for him.
So I gave him Tylenol.
And his favorite blankie.
And put him to bed.
I hope he wakes up happy.

The Happy Dance.

This is what you call the "mom bought me McDonald's dance"!

For the 1st time EVER, Ethan ate all his nuggets and didn't even want any fries~
I didn't have to remind him to eat and not play.
It was great.
So he did the happy dance!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

%Fall Walk%

Yesterday I took the kids on a walk. It actually warmed up enough to go out for a walk, and it wasn't raining!! We found lots of pretty leaves in different shapes and colors. We put the leaves in a book to flatten them and plan on ironing them in some wax paper for Ethan to keep.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Shabby Apple Dare to Design Limoncello Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Check out this way cute dress...Shabby Apple Dare to Design Limoncello Frock GIVEAWAY!!!! maybe you could try and win it too!! Good Luck.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Noise Level of 10...

Maybe you can "hear" why...
(For best results make sure your volume is UP)

Sweet Dreams My Love.

Sleeping is such a peaceful if Ethan would just sleep in his bed all night...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Diaper Creme and Teeth.

Burts Bees diaper creme is the only thing that makes Sammie sit still long enough to get his diaper changed. Usually he throws it on the floor and then gets mad at you if you don't bend over to pick it up right away! He's teething again...working on his big I teeth. So we have a major grump at home right now. He napped for 30 minutes yesterday!! Hopefully those suckers pop through quick!

Preschool at Home.

Because of the severity of H1N1, I pulled Ethan out of Preschool. I know it might sound a little dramatic, but I want to do everything I possibly can to keep our kids healthy. So we are having preschool at home. Ethan loves it.

We learned all about the letter A this week.

In deep coloring thought...

Sammie watching, wanting to color too.

Where'd Sammie Go?

Sammie learned how to play a game...

It's Cold.

Isn't it suppossed to be fall? Where did it go? I miss it.
So today we are having hot chocolate to warm our bones.
I have a feeling it's going to be a LONG winter.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Boys.

Sam tried some new food for the 1st time the other day. I've been meaning to give him avocado for a while now, but always forget to buy them at the store. He LOVED them. He pretty much refuses fruit in the form of baby food now. He wants the real thing. He will still eat veggies from a jar. So I've been trying to expand his horizon a little. And he will pretty much eat anything you put in front of him. Like yesterday for breakfast he ate a blueberry pancake, and for lunch he had cooked carrots and couscous. He loved it. I have fallen in love with a pizza cutter...makes cutting up his food apiece of cake. Oh which reminds me, I made brownies, and Sam had the biggest tantrum EVER because I wouldn't give him any. So I gave in. Lets just say he had a fit when I stopped giving him some!!

See the "tear" below his eye? Well that's his blocked tear duct that has yet to resolve itself. I am a little worried about him having to have it surgically opened. The pediatrician said it should open on it's own by the time he is 1. Well his right side opened about 5 months ago, but the left side leaks all day long. Everyone at the store always thinks he's crying :( Lets just hope in the next couple months it will heal itself!

Trying to take the boy's picture together these days is virtually impossible. Sam and Ethan are pretty good at picking on each other. It's to the point where I think I am going to have to separate them in the car. Right now their car seats are right next to each other...might be changing soon! I mean what are you supposed to do when your kids are fighting while your driving?!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Cone is Back!

What a strong, compassionate and caring man I have in my life. He will carry Sadie so she doesn't have to walk on her hurt paw! Sadie got hurt today. Pretty bad. She jumped up to put her paws on the fence, and her webbed paw got caught on one of the chain links on top, and when she tried to jump down, it ripped open. Sorry for the Gorey's gross, I know. She bled all over the place. Finally Nick called the vet, he wanted to see her. So she ended up having to be put under to have stitches put in!! Poor Sadie!
So now, she has this ace bandage thing on her paw and when she goes outside she must wear an empty IV fluids bag over it tied at the top so she doesn't get it muddy and wet. One of the joys of snowy, muddy weather! She was just not herself today after anesthesia. She has to stay locked up in her kennel until Wednesday. It's day 1 and she is whining all day. Doesn't want to be in there. But I guess too much play could rip those stitches out. I can only imagine all the pent up energy that will be released on Wed!!

First Snow of the Season.

Yes, it's only October 10th and it snowed last night! It's going to be a long and cold winter. Ethan really enjoyed playing in the snow again. I think he loves the snow more than summer! Luckily all his snow stuff from last year still fits...for now.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Right Now at Our House...

Ethan and Sam enjoying some tart apples for lunch.

The Finishing Touches.

Finally, after almost 5 years of being halfway torn apart, our kitchen is complete! It just needs a new coat of paint. But that's nothing! We decided to keep the cabinets we have and just paint them white, we can live with those. But the butterfly counter tops and brown appliances had to go!

We put a lot of sweat and hard work into this kitchen, I am so glad it's finally done, and I can enjoy it!

The Best Seat in the House.

Sammie's favorite spot is to be sitting on his mamma's lap. He want me to hold him all day, and is now starting to cry when I leave the room. :( It's so sad to see him literally crushed when I leave the room. As flattering as it is, and as much as I'd love to sit on the couch all day long and cuddle with him, that's just not possible!

Such a mamma's boy!

Howard the Duck.

Nick has been called Howard the duck or Duckman for quite some time now. Maybe you remember Howard the Duck from 1986? Anyways at Ethan's preschool all the classes are called some sort of animal. It couldn't be more fitting for us to find out that Ethan is in the Duck class. Nick was actually afraid that Ethan would grow up with that same nick-name. Hopefully his generation will be too young to even know who Howard the Duck is. :) But yesterday when I picked him up from preschool and he was wearing this:

To top it all off, the whole class was quaking like ducks! I wish Nick could have been there to see it. It was quite the sight! Ethan was pretty proud of his duck hat!

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