Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crush Cups.

Ethan had been begging me to buy these "Danimal Crush Cups" forever. So I finally bought them at the grocery store last week. It's basically yogurt in a cup that you crush to get the yogurt out. No spoon required. Well yesterday Ethan was eating one and somehow got sidetracked. He must have left it on the couch where Sammie could reach it. Next thing I know I hear this slurping sound...coming from Sammie. I look over at him and see that he is covered from head to toe in yogurt. Its not only all over him but the rug and the couch as well. So I get up and take the crush cup away from him and he just melts. He was obviously having a great time with it. How dare I take it from him! So I thought screw it, let him make a mess. I put a bib on him and put him in his high chair and let him at that crush cup!! It was pretty cute watching him lick his lips and fingers! Must have been finger lickin good!

1 comment:

  1. SOOO cute!!! I'm looking forward to this stage! :) You're boys are too adorable for words! ;) Ethan and the spoon cracks me up! ;)
    You are such a great mama!


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