Saturday, August 27, 2011

11 Months.

11 months.  Oh how time flies.  I can remember last year at this time, being super preggo and uncomfortable.  Just wanting to be able to hold my new baby in my arms.  And now look at him....he's HUGE!  
He's just starting to walk.
He LOVES Ethan so much, and craves his attention.
He likes to play in the dog bowls...especially splashing the water.
He's figured out how to climb stairs...but doesn't yet know how to safely go down.
Luckily, he still gives me TWO naps a day, how else would I get all that sewing done!??!
He and Sam can almost wear the same size clothes.
He's babbling...mostly says "eh" but a few others manage to work their way out, like baba, mama, dada.

{isn't that face just the cutest?!}

Thursday, August 25, 2011

And he's off...

Just shy of 11months, Griffin is walking.  He is into everything.  He tries to walk all the time...but is a little top heavy {sorry G - it's cute!}  He is wearing size 18-24 month clothes.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Kindergarten here I come!!

Today was Ethan's first day of Kindergarten.  He goes to school all day from 7:55 in the morning until 2:45 in the afternoon!!  Long day for my little 5 year old!

We met his teacher the other night at Open House.  All I can say is I wasn't real impressed.  She wasn't dressed nicely or even too friendly.  She even called us the next day and said she "missed" us at Open House, after we shook her hand and she even showed Ethan where his desk was!!  Hope the year gets better.  But Ethan came home today and said he likes her.  So I guess we'll let it slide ;) It's funny, because her name is "Mrs. Smith".  Ethan can't say it, at all!  He says:
  • Mrs. Smiss
  • Mrs. Smiff
  • Mrs. Sniff
  • Mrs. Thmith
  • Mrs. Sniss
Apparently we've got some practicing to do! :)  So this morning we packed his lunch as he requested: pb & j, grapes, and carrots.  I even snuck in his favorite, 2 oreos!  He brought his lunch back and only the sandwich and  oreos were eaten! ;)

Sammie missed Ethan terribly today.  He did well playing by himself, but I could tell he was lonely.  Daddy treated Sammie to McDonald's for lunch, and when Ethan got home he said "Did you guy go to McDonald's without me"?!?!?!?!  He was a little jealous!  Too funny.  Griffin even missed Ethan.  He really entertains G and G loves him so much.  He doesn't pick on him like Sam tends to do.

{Ethan standing in the K03 line - that's his class - waiting for the bell to ring}
It's funny, having Ethan go back to school gave me a bit of anxiety.  Not sure if I was having anxiety for him, or re-living the "joy" of starting a new school and making new friends all over again.  I certainly don't miss those days at all, and I hope the he enjoys school much more than I did.  I was really shy and missed my Mom!
 {catch a glimpse of Ethan going to his class with his classmates - he's got the orange backpack}

Overall I think Ethan had a great first day at school.  He said he made a new friend named Andrew, but he can't remember what Andrew looks like! :)  So proud of you Ethan.  You are growing up way too quick!  Mom and Dad love you so much buddy! xoxo
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