Monday, June 22, 2009

Let Them Be Little.

Let them be little
'cause they're only
that way for a while.

Give them hope
Give them praise
Give them love everyday.

Let them cry
Let them giggle
Let them sleep in the middle
Oh, but let them be little.

Friday, June 12, 2009

More Shots.

Sammie got the pleasure of going to the pediatrician today! He weighs a whopping 17 lbs 3oz.! He's huge! But he's been eating about 3 meals of baby food a day, plus still he's just growing like a weed! This was the first time that he got shots and handled it really well. Of course he cried when the vaccine was injected, but as soon as I picked him up afterwards, he was pretty much fine!! Yeah! Sammie is pretty much sitting up on his own now. He still needs you to sit right by him, as every once in a while he'll forget what he's doing and just tip over. He is also getting up on his hand and knees and rocking his body, like he just wants to take off! I know it will only be a matter of time and he'll be crawling. WOW...time flies. Why does he have to grow up? :( Oh! And I'm trying to catch the "ma ma ma ma ma" on video, because if I tell you he says "mama" I know you won't believe me! ;)

June 11, 2005 @ 1:30pm...

Four years ago yesterday, I married Nick. I can't believe it's already been four years. Seems like just yesterday we met! Looking back on these pictures, I can't believe how much we both have changed! We look so young!
I remember we wanted to get married on my birthday weekend, 4th of July. But we literally waited until the last minute. Literally. I am pretty sure we planned our wedding in about 3 months. We got engaged Christmas Eve of '04, and married in June of '05!! We both just kinda knew we were "it". So we ended up getting married on June 11th. I just happened to be the only weekend we both had off from work. Since we had just moved here, neither of us had any vacation time, so we didn't even get to take a honey moon! :( Wish me luck on that one!
We had a very small ceremony. Only about 13 people were there. Which was great. We loved it. We got married at Our Saviors Lutheran in Sioux Falls. Then after the wedding, took some pictures and had a catered in Steak and Potato dinner at Nick's parents house. I wouldn't change a thing about it!

I'm such a lucky girl to have gotten to marry the man of my dreams.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mini Dr. Seuss.

Ethan like to read Dr. Seuss books, can you tell? Oh, and don't worry, he does talk normal! He's just being a goofball!


Sammie LOVES bath time. He splashes so big, that I usually end up wet too. The only thing he doesn't like about bath time, is washing under his neck. You actually have to "lift up" his cheeks and chin to even get to his neck to wash it. He hates that. Poor kid. He'll get a neck...soon enough! Right now he's just shoulders, then head! My little cutie pie!


Ethan's first movie was Sunday. Mommy, Auntie Muzzie and Ethan went to see Up. I was such a cute movie. I thought for sure he would be scared with just how loud the movies are. Which he was, at first. He would cover his ears at times, and close his eyes. He ended up watching the entire movies from my lap. But he loved it. I think he loved the ENTIRE bag of popcorn I let him eat even more!

Sippy Cups.

Sam likes the sippy cup!! Ethan hated sippy cups for a long time. I remember buying just about every single kind of sippy cup that is MADE, just to get him off the bottle. Nothing worked for the longest time. Then finally, I bought the cheapo kind that doesn't even have a valve, when you tip it, it spills every where...and he loved it!! Sam on the other hand, took the very first one I gave him. I don't know if it has something to do with him being able to watch Ethan drink from one? Who knows, I'm just glad he is taking to one already!

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