Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Ethan and Sam went trick-or-treating with their cousin Dylan again this year.  The boys had a blast!  Got too much candy!!  The older boys would run far ahead, leaving little Sam behind the whole time!  Poor guy.  He had fun anyways!  The weather was great, not too cold.  Griffin only lasted about an hour before I had to head home with him.  He wore his Dr. Seuss hat, and looked so cute!!
{look at that cute little tail waddle back and forth}

{Ethan, Dylan, and Samuel in their costumes ready to go!}

{trick or treating at Grandma and Grandpa's house}

{my littlest man all snuggled up!}

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Guess What!??!!??!  I can finally say, the basement is DONE.  PHEW!!!!!  What a huge relief.  Of course there are little things furniture, tv, etc.  But who cares, that can wait!  The boys are moved down and sleeping...not through the night, but they fall asleep and start off the night alone...then finish it up with Daddy sleeping down there.

 {Ethan has his bunk bed back}!

 {Sammie's room}

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

1 Month!!

Can you believe it's already been 1 month?!  I can't!  It has flown by.  I am going to take his picture every month on his special quilt that I made for him so we can watch him grow! :)  I tried to take his picture here, but he was a little {or a lot} HUNGRY!!  His facial expressions are changing so much especially when I talk to him!  I just LOVE it!!  I think I am in a sleep if something in this sounds know why!

Griffin has started this "wake up and play at night" thing for the past 3 nights now.  From 3-5am he just wants to hang out.  Mommy wants to hang out with her eyes closed...but he doesn't like that very much. He only naps in his swing now, or while being held...heck, at least I can get somethings done now!!  I took him to the chiropractor on Monday and Wednesday to help with his colic...I have noticed a difference...hopefully it stays that way!! :)  Isn't he just SO cute?!?!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Like Mother...Like Son...

{need I say more?!}

Monday, October 18, 2010

Life with Griff...

Life with Griff has changed everything, for everyone! (in a good way of course).  We have discovered he is a little colicky. {bummer}  He is really fussy at night time...just before or right at bedtime.  Hopefully he grows out of that quick!  I have stopped eating the majority of dairy things in hopes that might help.  We'll see.  It's hard to completely get rid of ALL things dairy, so we will start here and see what happens.  Popcorn seems to be a big culprit...anyone ever had issues with that one?!

The napping is getting better, now that we fixed the see it was broken because Ethan thought he could swing in it too, and actually snapped the little bar that holds it in place...but Grandpa fixed it for us...and saved us $120 of buying a new one!!!  Thanks Gramps!

Oh!  And the basement is done.  The boys have NOT moved down yet, I am a little hesitant.  We still need to put up window treatments and paint Sammie's furniture.  That might take a few weeks, as we are on a painting burn-out. :(

I am completely enjoying my maternity leave.  I can't imagine going back to work and honestly am dreading it.  I know Nick will do just fine taking care of the boys, but he's not Mom! :)  At least I still have about 6 more weeks off.  That's reassuring!

Ethan met a girl at school that makes him embarrassed to talk about!  Hehehe!!  It's so funny.  Her name is Anasia.  I mention it and he stops talking and won't even look at me.  He tells me he plays dress-up with her.  How sweet of him!!  Last week I asked him if he wanted to draw a card for Daddy, and he said "No, for Anasia" this appropriate for Pre-school!?!?  She's a cute little curly blond-ish redhead.  Can't wait to see how their friendship will grow throughout the school year!

And Sam...oh Sam.  My little sweetheart.  He has really had big changes in the last 3 weeks.  He "lost" his Mama, as everyone is saying.  It breaks my heart to feel that he might think like that.  He now prefers Daddy over Mommy...that breaks my heart too.  Trust me!  If Daddy could nurse Griff, he would so I could get that little extra time with Sam! ;)  Overall, Sam is handling it really well.  He is always giving Griff kisses and wanting to help with whatever I am doing for Griffin. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

2 Weeks Old!

Griffin had his 2 week check with the pediatrician.  To my surprise my little chunk weighed in at 9 lbs. and was 21 inches long.  He left the hospital at 7 lbs. 12 oz., and 20 he gained over 1 lb. and grew an inch...IN JUST 1O DAYS!!!!!  The funny thing is he looks skinny and long.  Not chubby...just his cheeks! :) 

And wow, does he look like Sammie as a baby...

Yep...that's Sam.  Griffin has more hair and weighs much more than Sam did at this point.  But there are a lot of similarities!!  Over the last 2 weeks I have learned Griffin does not nap well unless he is being held, which makes things very difficult!  I have started carrying him in the baby Bjorn all day just to be able to cook and clean!!

**Oh!!  The basement will be complete tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Pics to come soon**

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Silly Boys!

The boys were showing me just how BIG my belly really was.  Ethan liked to call himself "pregnant" and Sam just wanted a ball in his belly.  It was pretty funny.  Then Ethan said he was pushing the baby out...and he would make this awful pushing face...
not a clue where he saw that!

Sorry for my lack of photos with the new baby.  Yes, it really is true that by the time you get to the 3rd, he's deprived of everything.  He has NO baby book, about 30 pictures of him, and 99% of his things are hand-me-downs.  Poor, poor Griffin.  I'll find some way to spoil you, I promise! ;)  Now I just need to make my way over to Hallmark so I can start documenting all your baby moments in that well deserved baby book!!  I promise to post pictures of soon as I take them!! :)

Friday, October 8, 2010


 {Kisses on the toes}
 {Kisses on the head}
{Kisses for Mama}

Sam officially showed his first sign of jealousy today. :(  I was totally heartbroken when I saw what he did.  I can't even bear to tell you.  It's so sad.  Let's just say everyone is OK.  And Sam got a spanking.  And Griffin cried.  And Mommy wanted to cry, but didn't.  {To top it all off we were at Katie's house having professional pictures taken!!} Luckily Ethan never really did anything like that.  I remember my Mom telling me that I was pretty jealous of my brother when he was born.  She actually found me standing on him after she left the room!  And he was just a baby!  Today was comparable.  I hope it NEVER happens again, although with having all boys, I think that's a dream.
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