Monday, May 24, 2010

New Do's

Ethan's short new do for summer.  And his sucker for being a good boy! :)

Sam finally got his first REAL 17 months old.  I think she cut about 3 inches off.  Maybe more.  Especially in the back.  He aged about 6 months in 20 minutes.  :(  He looks so cute now, and if someone calls him a girl now, I am going to slap them!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Right Now.

Right now, it's almost 9:00 am, Sam is the only one ready for the day.  Ethan and I are still in our jamies.  Ethan brought almost his entire bed out to watch cartoons and plopped on the ottoman.  And Sam is "digging" in the couch cussions for burried treasure.  So far he's found an un-opened bottle of scope (sample size), a toy car tire, and some fruit loops...which were already in his mouth by the time I realized where they came from.  Yum.

The Boys

Ethan is showing you his "polie"

Trying to figure out how to sit on the seat and reach the handle bars and push all at the same time...

Sammie wearing his 3-D glasses.

Just can't seem to get a picture where both boys are paying attention!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Something Blue.

Looks like we will be filling our closets with more blue clothes!!  Yes, it's a BOY, did you think otherwise?!  Well quite a few of you were wrong!! ;)  So in reality, that silly little gender prediction test I did almost 11 weeks ago seems to be pretty accurate now!  And yes...there seems to be no doubt about him being a boy, so hopefully there will be no suprises on delivery day!
Everything looked great on the ultrasound.  The only thing was his belly and head circumference were below 10%, which is what they like it to be ABOVE...his was only at 6%, so they will do a repeat ultrasound with our next visit in 4 weeks.  She thinks it might just be that he needs to have a growth spurt.  So of course, to a Mom it's worrisome, even though she said not to worry about it.  So please pray for him to have his much needed growth spurt over the next 4 weeks.

I was right!!  I just kind of had a feeling it might be a boy....I would have been totally and completley shocked if it were a girl. :)  No I can do some shopping...although, not much....since we already have TONS of boy stuff!!!

You can see his hand up by his mouth here...for a little while it looked like he was sucking his thumb!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Womb Hair

Shhh, don't tell Nick just yet.  I took Sam's "womb hair" (as Nick likes to call it) today.  Yes, I cut it.  :(  It was a very hard decision for me, but after many trips to places, even running into people who know I do not have a little girl...Sam has been called a girl one too many times.
I felt bad for him, like people would actually think that if I had a girl, I would dress her in boy clothes?!?!  No way!  For example.  Today I had to run to Walmart (my least fav. place ever!!) and this woman I work with said "wow, she is so cute, your daughter looks just like you"!!  She is a he, and maybe it's time for a haircut.  It tore me apart to cut those darling curls off.  So I hesitated, and only cut about an inch, rather than the 3 I could have taken.  He still has curls...just not a many big ones.  It's still long, just not as long.

I thought this picture was just the cutest ever.

Yes, thats my little boy...this was all Nick's doing I might add.  I was actually at work, when this picture popped into my e-mail.  He is driving his truck while brushing his teeth, all with a ponytail!!
Maybe it was time for a haircut huh?

Mr. Bossy Pants

Who Ethan?!  No way! ;)  Nick had one of his employees come over to mow our yard,
 because Nick has been too busy to do it himself latley. 
So Ethan went outside and told Matt just how it was to be done.
From inside I watched Sadie purposefully dropping her ball in FRONT of the mower, so Matt had to stop mowing pick up and ball and throw it, time and time again.  I heard Ethan telling Matt to mow in a straight line (like Father, like Son).  I also heard Ethan telling him to pick up the pace a little because he was going too slow.  It was pretty cute to listen to.  I can only imagine the things that Ethan will be telling his friends when he gets to the age of having friends over....I can't wait.

Ethan wanted his picture taken...and this is the kind of "suave" look he gives me. Hahaha!!
Now thats a child who knows what he wants and how he's going to get it!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

19 weeks.

This was my "photographer" this morning.  No he's not sick.  And he's probably not tired either.  It's allergies.  We haven't found any kind of allergy medicine that actually does the trick.  The poor kid is constantly sneezing, has watery eyes that are totally blooshot, and stuffy/runny nose.  :(  I feel bad for him, but I remember going through the same when I was younger.  Maybe not 4 years old...hopefully it's doesn't get worse every year!

I asked Ethan if he could take a picture of Mommy's belly and he said "of course Mommy"!!  Well there it is.  Some of you have asked to see the belly (mostly those who live far away)  I am 19 weeks along.  Yes it's big.  No there is NOT twins in far as we know.  We have our big ultrasound next friday at 8am!  I had a dream the other night that I was writting a new blog post, and it was that we had found out we were having twins.  Nick fainted, and I cried....and then I said "but overall we are excited...can't you tell"?  Hahaha, that would be very suprising.  I told Nick about it last night and he said he wouldn't faint, because he would be too busy having a heart attack.  ;)

Well I can feel the baby moving all the time now.  It's pretty crazy to think in reality, the baby is only about 8 or 9 ounces, and I can feel those tiny little punches.  It's so weird.  The more pregnancy's I have the more I think about things I never thought of before.  Like this time, I am hopefully going to have some VERY special memories captured on camera.  I asked our photographer if she would come and take pictures of the baby being born.  Not the "actual" birth, but the special moments right before and right after.  I am so excited.  So please just pray that I don't go into labor and have the baby like all my the wee hours of the morning!!  Almost halfway home, yeay! :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Such an amazing overcome what they have. Just reminds me to be thankful for everything I have.

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