Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Before and After.

current picture of our home
Yes, there's a lot of pictures up here, but I really wanted to show just how much we have "remodeled and updated" our home. When we bought it, it was completely outdated. I mean NOTHING had been updated. We knew we had our work cut out for us! Check out some of the things we've done...


Kitchen before the semi update

now, yes we still are in the process of this one. We are in the process of picking out new counter tops and back splash. Then next year is new fridge and oven!
Living Room Before (below), After (above)
yes, it always looks like that with toys!!
notice the teal wool carpet! It was so old, it was actually worn down to the wood underneath in the high traffic areas!! And it stunk like old lady!

Dining Room Before (below), after (above)
Where the sliding door is now, there was just a window before.
We built a deck and the sliding door goes right onto it.

The new "arched" front doorway.

This is the travertine that replaced the ugly gold and off white linoleum in the bathroom and have the same design but bigger in the kitchen to replace the orange and brown linoleum.

We ripped down all the peach colored "fake" tile on the walls and replaced it with wainscoting in the bathroom and in the tub is plain white tile. What a chore that was. We actually did that 1 week after Sammie was born! We had to run across the street (to my in laws) in December weather to take a shower and then run home!

Awesome new sink, counter, mirror and vanity.

New bath (above), old bath (below)
Ethan's Bedroom (below)
before (below), after (above)
As you can see, we have been really busy with not only inside projects, but outside projects as well for the past 4.5 years. And pretty soon, I hope, we will be finishing our basement. If you have free hands, and want some free beer...please come help us!!!

Water - Minno.

Watermelon reminds me of summer. We love it in our house. Ethan especially. He can't quite pronounce it just yet so he calls it water minno. And he's pretty messy with you can see!

One Hot Sunday...

Ethan's sunglasses broke, so he was lucky enough to get to wear daddy's...

...and mine...

Sammie trying to nap

We went to the air show last weekend. We had a great time, until it got really hot. And really loud for the kids. Sam cried when the blue angels flew overhead, and Ethan wanted to be carried the entire time. So we decided it was time to head home! Later that night, I quickly realized I had covered everyone in sunscreen, except me! :( Major sunburn.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Swim Lessons.

Ethan is the one clinging to the wall.

Got a sticker on his nose for doing such a great job!

Still clinging to the wall! :)

Tonight Ethan took his very first swim lesson. In fact it was his first time in the big pool ever. We signed him up for classes at Augustana College. It' a very nice place. He wasn't scared a bit when i had to tell him "bye" and watch him from the bleachers. They don't allow parents on the deck for safety reasons. I thought that might be a challenge, but it worked out just great. In fact her was the only kid in his level that didn't cry. The other 3 kids cried the entire time. And don't get me wrong, he did give us a few dirty looks like "why did you leave me here" kind of looks! But he had a blast. We go every night this week and next week and then he's done!
Here's a little video of Ethan with his swim teacher. He finally let go of the wall and went out into the water!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Crawling, Standing and Teeth.

Sharing a bath time kiss!
Sam has hit alot of milestones in this past week. First, last week he started crawling. Then a few days later, I go in the bedroom to check on him during his nap, and much to my surprise...he's standing in his crib! Just laughing at me. Ok, then I knew he was working on some teeth, but I didn't think they'd all come through at the same time! He got 4 on the top!! All at once! Poor kid. That explains alot. So now, all he wants to do is stand. He will crawl over to a piece of furniture and pull himself up, and just stand there. He thinks it's great fun. I on the other hand don't. I'm not ready. He is constantly falling, and crying and bumping his head. :( I feel so bad for him. He just wants to be on the GO so bad, or be held all the time...

Yes, he's standing all alone, at just 7 months! Ethan didn't do this until like 10 months!
What have we gotten ourselves into!?

He got his moves from Daddy.

Ethan was trying to entertain Sammie for me. This was too cute.

4th of July...and a Birthday...little late!

We celebrated the 4th (and my 28th! Birthday) at home this year. Nothing big to do, which is a nice break from all the chaos that seems to be going on right now. We grilled fish and steak, and had some family over. Daddy and Ethan set off some small fireworks in the driveway and of course sparklers. Ethan was a little afraid of them at first. But now it's all he talks about. We had some left over and he wants to light them everyday! We took the kids to watch the fireworks set off from the fairgrounds. Sammie stayed awake the entire time! He liked to watch the fireworks. And Ethan had a good time watching them from Grandma's lap. I think I am the only one that got eaten alive from mosquitoes! I had brought bug spray, but when we got there...the nozzle wouldn't spray!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Sam is finally crawling! After about a month of hip rocking and dragging his body across the room he can now crawl! :) He's become pretty good at dragging his body around though. He can go so fast, and even now, if he can't get somewhere fast enough he will just give up on the crawling and start scooting. It's really funny to watch.

Sam is now sleeping in his crib for the majority of the night. Because of his mobility, I had to move him somewhere more safe. I felt really uncomfortable putting him to bed knowing he could fall off the bed. The transition to the crib went much smoother than I expected. Especially since he slept in our bed so long! I think Sam is going to be an early walker. He is already trying to pull himself up on furniture that he can reach. Who knows, maybe he's just practicing! But he LOVES to walk with your fingers, I just forgot how much of a back breaker it is!
Ethan is doing great too. He is really enjoying his summer. Learning to potty in the toilet, and starting swim lessons in 2 weeks. The potty training is such a challenge. He will only do it for something. Like a toy, or a candy. Once in a while he will run to the bathroom and do it all by himself, but for the most part we are constantly nagging him to go in the toilet, not his pants. I'm trying to put myself in his shoes. Like peeing his pants is normal to him, like using to toilet is normal to us. So if someone told me I had to start peeing my pants, I'd have a fit too! I just hope by the end of summer we are out of pull-ups, have 30 minutes go by without frantically trying to get him to the potty! Some days are good, others not so good, as with any new venture!

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