Monday, July 26, 2010


{I think it's so fun to take these can definitely see the shape of my belly is different in just 1 week, in comparison to the last picture...I think it's a combo of weight gain, and maybe he is laying different??}

31 week appointment highlights:
  • Weight: 3 lb gain over last 2 weeks {thanks to Culver's turtle sundae's!}
  • Blood Pressure:  great
  • Belly Measurement:  31 weeks {right on}
  • Fetal Heart Rate:  great, 147
  • After being on "bed rest" through the weekend, and off the last 4 shifts at work...things have settled down enough that I am allowed to "try" working...but if it starts up again, I am on bed rest until the baby is ready to come out!
  • Dr.'s orders:  relax, take it easy.......funny
  • Major Complaint:  Actually feeling pretty good! :)  Maybe it all the laying around? ;)
  • Next Appointment Scheduled:  33 weeks...unless things get bad again {keep your fingers crossed for no more bleeding!}

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