Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby Scare!!

What an eventful afternoon we had yesterday!  I had to call Nick and tell him to get his butt home right away as I was bleeding, and the Dr. wanted me to go to the hospital.  Talk about such a scary feeling!  Luckily Grandma came over to stay with the boys while Nick and I went to the hospital.
After an ultrasound, a pelvic exam {oh joy} and 7 hours later, they determined it could be a small plactenta tear.  I was supposed to stay overnight to be observed, but begged the Dr. on call to let me go home since baby seemed to be doing fine, and the bleeding had stopped.  {Plus we live so close to the hospital anyways..if anything happened we could be there in 3 minutes!}  So I got to spend the night in MY OWN comfortable bed.  I think I have a back ache just from the 7 hours we were there and that uncomfortable hospital bed!
{the baby and I were under constant observation - he seemed to be doing great}

I wasn't having any contractions {thank goodness}, and baby looked great
{except for the fact that he is still breech - on his 6th week now} I hope he makes a turn before he gets too much bigger!  My biggest fear is having to go through a c-section!  I know we still have 9 weeks for him to turn, but he seems to be pretty darn comfy like that!
{Daddy was under constant observation too - and seemed to be enjoying his nap....see the partial "smile" when I took his picture?!}

I was taken off work for the time being to rest, and am supposed to see my Dr. again next Wednesday.  Hopefully everything is still looking good with no more bleeding!!  This baby needs to stay INSIDE!!  And the boys need their Mama at home...not in the hospital. 
So the couch will be seeing lots of me this weekend!

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