Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Swimming Again...

{I wish I could get closer pictures, but I wasn't brave enough to go into the "sauna" like conditions to watch him...I sweat enough as it is!}

Here we are again!  Ethan is taking his final swim lessons of the summer over the next 2 weeks.  He is FINALLY in a class that isn't so baby-ish...which I think is really good for him as he made huge leaps today! They actually get them off the wall and away from the toys and focusing on whats going on in the water, rather than just getting acclimated with the water.  This is so good for him!
  •  He got his head wet all by himself
  • He jumped to the teacher, and went all the way under!
  • Layed on his belly with his face in the water {with help}
Overall, he is doing great!  I think having the kids at his age or maybe a year older is helping out a ton!!  He is watching them and seeing what they can do and wanting to try it too!!  I am so excited for him! :)  Hopefully he passes with flying colors

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