Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sammie's Quilt

I whipped this up today while Sammie was napping.  Literally "whipped" it up!  This is the one that has been on the back burner for about a month now that I found the tutorial for HERE.  I was pretty impressed as I eyeballed most of it...but had to start pinning towards the end.  I am pretty impressed with how it looks.  A little busy, but for a little boy {it works great}.  This one is for Sammie. 
 It was going to be the size of his bed...but I chickened out, and made it more like a toddler bed size.  Not quite finished yet, but need the binding and the back!  I am still not sure which fabric I like the best for the back...Any suggestions?? :)


  1. wow!!! Jennieeeeee you made that TODAY??!!! all in one day! looks fantastic :) strong work!! Is that a pear & toaster pattern material??? i love it! Use it on the back... if not, I like the light blue with the red circles on it. :)... oh, i think it's a toss up between that one and the blue-ish stripy pattern one. can't wait to see what you choose

  2. Yes! All the time consuming part was already done {the cutting}, so all I had to do was peice it together and sew it! :) Took me 3 hours! :) Thanks! I love it too. I do love the toaster pattern cute...I will show you a full pic of it. But I leaning towards the turq with red dots too...or maybe a combo of something!?


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