Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bouncing off the walls...

**this post comes a little late....sorry**

29-week appointment highlights:

  • weight:  a 6-lb gain over the last 4 weeks for a total of 20 lbs!!

  • blood pressure: great

  • belly measurement: 29 (right on target)

  • fetal heart rate: great, 140's - 150's

  • I passed my glucose test!! :)

  • major complaint:  pelvic pain.  Feels like he is drilling his head into my tail bone...very uncomfortable to sit, stand, lay...oh joy!

  • doctors orders: begin daily kick count {shouldn't be a problem considering he bounces off the [uterine] walls}

  • next appointment scheduled: 31 weeks
I can't believe I only have 9 1/2 weeks left.  It is seriously coming so fast!!  I am so excited to meet little "G", yet so nervous to see how I will be able to handle all the boys's needs at the same time.  I know it will all work out just fine!! :)  Nick and I have been hustling on the basement now.  Maybe we work better under pressure?!?!  Talk about procrastinating!!  Pictures of the basement to come soon!  It's nowhere near being done, but it's getting there!

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  1. you look ADORABLE!!!!! I'm so happy that you and the baby are doing well and are healthy! So exciting. Can't wait to meet baby G!!!!!!!


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