Wednesday, June 30, 2010

PHEW...he passed!

(Ethan is the whitest little guy there...2nd one in on the left)

Well we are finished with Ethan's Toddler 2 swim lessons.  And I was sweating it out a little...he didn't want to put his face in the water all by himself (a requirement to pass!)  He learned how to float on his back (with help), push off the wall and kick his feet, put his face in the water while blowing bubbles, and dunk all the way under.  Those of you who really know Ethan, know just how much he HATES to get his face wet.  So this was a BIG step for him!  He still won't do it in our little pool at home because he says the water is "dirty"...even though it's clean.  I think it's just an excuse to not get his face wet!  He starts Preschool 1 level on July 12th.  Wish us luck!

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