Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Room Re-Do.

Sunday (Father's Day) was a big day in the house for Ethan and Sam.  Ethan got a new room-mate!  Sam's crib got torn down and put away.  I asked Nick if he thought we should keep it up just in case, and he said we are not "half - assing"'s either all or nothing.  So I took it apart!  We took Ethan's bunk bed apart, and Ethan has the bottom bunk and Sam has the top bunk (on the floor).  The railing is already installed on it. 
1st night went well...minus the thunderstorms (Sunday night).  Second night Sam was awake every 2 hours.  But last night....oh last night...thunderstorms and all...Sam slept in his bed the entire night.  He even thought he would give us a treat and sleep in!  He graced us with his presence at around 7:20!!  He didn't cry when he woke up...just marched out of the bedroom like it was always his! :)
After re-arranging, I thought we needed different paint and something new in their room.  So I, 26 weeks pregnant and all, moved ever single peice of furniture in that room and painted the walls.  All 4 of them.  I never want to do it again.  It took all day...and let me tell you!  The boys had 2 ice cream treats each and pretty much whatever they wanted just so I could get the project DONE, as I knew I would NOT feel like doing it the next day!  Ha!  It worked though.  Then I found some super cute wooden letters at Hobby Lobby and covered them in cute scrapbook paper and hung them above their beds.  Made those cute circle stringers with fishing-line, scrapbook paper and double sided tape!  I just love how it turned out!  I think Ethan and Sam do too...they have been playing in there alot latley!  So happy!!!

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  1. The room looks great Jennie!!!! Good job. I love the fishing line things. Very creative!! I bet Sammy is really starting to feel like a big boy :)


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