Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Keeping Busy.

The boys' new favorite thing to paly with?  Play-Doh!  Sam thought it was yummy at first...then I think he tasted it and realized it was a little salty!  I am pretty sure we all have done that!  I can remember as a child making play-doh "food" and thinking it looked so good, and actually taking a bite of it, to end up just spitting it out in disgust.  :) 
I still need to try making that edible play-doh.  Anyone ever made it before??  I'd love to hear feed-back on it.

yes, he decided it was pool time too, but refused to wear his trunks!  So this was our view...his little bum!

Hi Mom!

It's funny how the boys are SO different from each other.  Ethan doesn't like to be hot or in the sun.  Sam on the other hand, could care less!  It had been so hot and the minute you walk outside you are literally dripping sweat, and all Sam wanted to do was spend the entire day playing in the pool or with his play-doh.  Ethan went out for like 4 minutes and then informed me he was too hot and sweaty "see Mom, feel my hair", and then he would go inside!  We are enjoying are summer, and hope you are too!  We still need to venture out to the big pool!

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  1. hahahhahaha Sammie's bum made me laugh so hard! Totally wasn't expecting that pic. way too cute :) Make me some edible play-doh! haha


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