Friday, May 14, 2010

Something Blue.

Looks like we will be filling our closets with more blue clothes!!  Yes, it's a BOY, did you think otherwise?!  Well quite a few of you were wrong!! ;)  So in reality, that silly little gender prediction test I did almost 11 weeks ago seems to be pretty accurate now!  And yes...there seems to be no doubt about him being a boy, so hopefully there will be no suprises on delivery day!
Everything looked great on the ultrasound.  The only thing was his belly and head circumference were below 10%, which is what they like it to be ABOVE...his was only at 6%, so they will do a repeat ultrasound with our next visit in 4 weeks.  She thinks it might just be that he needs to have a growth spurt.  So of course, to a Mom it's worrisome, even though she said not to worry about it.  So please pray for him to have his much needed growth spurt over the next 4 weeks.

I was right!!  I just kind of had a feeling it might be a boy....I would have been totally and completley shocked if it were a girl. :)  No I can do some shopping...although, not much....since we already have TONS of boy stuff!!!

You can see his hand up by his mouth here...for a little while it looked like he was sucking his thumb!


  1. He looks like a cutie pie! I love ultrasound pictures. Don't worry about the size...we had the same thing with Makenna and she's our chunky baby, not our little one!

  2. Congrats, Jennie! I'll have 3 girls and you 3 boys! Crazy! lol

  3. amazing Jennie!!!! have you and Nick started thinking of names yet?


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