Monday, March 15, 2010

In 1 short month...

On Feb. 20th we had just begun work in the basement.  About 1/2 the plumbing had been done and new concrete poured to cover it.  Nothing beyond that had even been started.  As of today 99% of the drywall is done!  I can't believe it has only taken a month to finish thos huge projects!  We have to hold off on the drwall on 1 wall in Sam's room because we are waiting for the ground to thaw so the gas meter can be moved outside.  Which that is going to suck a little bit because then my front yard will be dug up around that area!  I have been wanting to re-do the flower planter out front I guess this is my opportunity!  Now it's onto tap and texture (ick), choosing bathroom items, carpet, paint colors, trim, tile, all the fun details!!

I really like the look of the glass tile around the mirror like this...what do you think??  We have found a vanity very similar to this, I just love that you have room for baskets underneath, perfect for towels.  I think this might be an option...we'll see!

Can't wait to post pics of the finished product!!!

1 comment:

  1. I really do like the tile around the mirror! What a great idea! It's going to come out just lovely Jennie. So much work is done already, awesome :)


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