Saturday, March 13, 2010

Crazy Kid!

Got some much needed laughs tonight when I got home from work.  First of all, I would like to blame the back-up of laundry on the basement project...although it doesn't seem fitting.  My washer and dryer both still work just fine. 
So...all of Ethan's pj's were dirty, and he had no clean "comfy" pants to wear to bed.  So we were left to improvise.  I remembered that I had put some of Sammie's old clothes in Ethan's closet.  I grabbed one.  Noticing how small it was, I thought we could stretch it a little....or a lot.  Tonight Ethan is wearing a 9-12 mo. pj sleeper to bed. ;)  I honeslty cannot believe he fit into it, none the less we could actually button the thing!!  Yes, we need to do laundry tomorrow!!  But Ethan had a blast in his cool outfit.  He thought it was some sort of super hero outfit, as he's doing karate chops and head stands.  He loved it.  I'm glad.  Because it was either that or just a tee shirt! :)
Sweet dreams my big boy buddy!!  We love you!!

1 comment:

  1. hahahah yeah, those 9-12 mo. pajamas look so "comfy", he should get rid of the others! lol.


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