Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Getting Ready for Trick or Treating.
I made Sammie a puppy hat with ears, and put brown paint on his face for a nose and freckles! He rubbed the freckles off a couple time. Finally I gave up.
Were ready to go Mom and Dad!
Samuel, cousin Dylan, and Ethan

My Handsome Fire Fighter!
My little puppy all bundled up!

Getting sleepy and wanting to be held by his Mommy.

Daddy and his boys.

Sam was bored of waiting to carve pumpkins!

Yeah...this is as far as we got of carving pumpkins. No one was in the mood to scrape them out, and clean up the mess afterwards! :( Maybe next year!

Getting my face painted! I had to sit really still, and I did not like that!
Look I did it!!

Like my puppy hat and my monster slippers?

Mommy and her hunks!

Hope you had a good Halloween! Ethan got WAY TOO much candy,
but had a blast trick or treating with his cousin!


  1. Your hair has grown so much :) Looking great as always Jennie! The boys looked too cute!

  2. what adorable boys!!! and a beautiful mommy.


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