Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Cone is Back!

What a strong, compassionate and caring man I have in my life. He will carry Sadie so she doesn't have to walk on her hurt paw! Sadie got hurt today. Pretty bad. She jumped up to put her paws on the fence, and her webbed paw got caught on one of the chain links on top, and when she tried to jump down, it ripped open. Sorry for the Gorey's gross, I know. She bled all over the place. Finally Nick called the vet, he wanted to see her. So she ended up having to be put under to have stitches put in!! Poor Sadie!
So now, she has this ace bandage thing on her paw and when she goes outside she must wear an empty IV fluids bag over it tied at the top so she doesn't get it muddy and wet. One of the joys of snowy, muddy weather! She was just not herself today after anesthesia. She has to stay locked up in her kennel until Wednesday. It's day 1 and she is whining all day. Doesn't want to be in there. But I guess too much play could rip those stitches out. I can only imagine all the pent up energy that will be released on Wed!!

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