Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Crawling, Standing and Teeth.

Sharing a bath time kiss!
Sam has hit alot of milestones in this past week. First, last week he started crawling. Then a few days later, I go in the bedroom to check on him during his nap, and much to my surprise...he's standing in his crib! Just laughing at me. Ok, then I knew he was working on some teeth, but I didn't think they'd all come through at the same time! He got 4 on the top!! All at once! Poor kid. That explains alot. So now, all he wants to do is stand. He will crawl over to a piece of furniture and pull himself up, and just stand there. He thinks it's great fun. I on the other hand don't. I'm not ready. He is constantly falling, and crying and bumping his head. :( I feel so bad for him. He just wants to be on the GO so bad, or be held all the time...

Yes, he's standing all alone, at just 7 months! Ethan didn't do this until like 10 months!
What have we gotten ourselves into!?

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