Monday, July 20, 2009

Swim Lessons.

Ethan is the one clinging to the wall.

Got a sticker on his nose for doing such a great job!

Still clinging to the wall! :)

Tonight Ethan took his very first swim lesson. In fact it was his first time in the big pool ever. We signed him up for classes at Augustana College. It' a very nice place. He wasn't scared a bit when i had to tell him "bye" and watch him from the bleachers. They don't allow parents on the deck for safety reasons. I thought that might be a challenge, but it worked out just great. In fact her was the only kid in his level that didn't cry. The other 3 kids cried the entire time. And don't get me wrong, he did give us a few dirty looks like "why did you leave me here" kind of looks! But he had a blast. We go every night this week and next week and then he's done!
Here's a little video of Ethan with his swim teacher. He finally let go of the wall and went out into the water!!

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