Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Sam is finally crawling! After about a month of hip rocking and dragging his body across the room he can now crawl! :) He's become pretty good at dragging his body around though. He can go so fast, and even now, if he can't get somewhere fast enough he will just give up on the crawling and start scooting. It's really funny to watch.

Sam is now sleeping in his crib for the majority of the night. Because of his mobility, I had to move him somewhere more safe. I felt really uncomfortable putting him to bed knowing he could fall off the bed. The transition to the crib went much smoother than I expected. Especially since he slept in our bed so long! I think Sam is going to be an early walker. He is already trying to pull himself up on furniture that he can reach. Who knows, maybe he's just practicing! But he LOVES to walk with your fingers, I just forgot how much of a back breaker it is!
Ethan is doing great too. He is really enjoying his summer. Learning to potty in the toilet, and starting swim lessons in 2 weeks. The potty training is such a challenge. He will only do it for something. Like a toy, or a candy. Once in a while he will run to the bathroom and do it all by himself, but for the most part we are constantly nagging him to go in the toilet, not his pants. I'm trying to put myself in his shoes. Like peeing his pants is normal to him, like using to toilet is normal to us. So if someone told me I had to start peeing my pants, I'd have a fit too! I just hope by the end of summer we are out of pull-ups, have 30 minutes go by without frantically trying to get him to the potty! Some days are good, others not so good, as with any new venture!


  1. Oh my goodness Sam's adorable (as always!). Glad the boys are doing so good. Good luck with the potty training!

  2. OMG! I can't believe his already crawling! Cute! About the potting training, I had to laugh with your example of putting yourself in his shoes, too funny and cute:)


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