Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Third Birthday Sammie!!

 {holding your favorite squinkee pie}

I can't believe your 3.  Seems like just yesterday the first words I spoke to you were "he's perfect".  You have grown into this shy and reserved little boy and still be strong willed.  You hide behind my leg when someone talks to you that you don't know, or put your hands in your mouth to hide your silly smile. You are absolutely adorable, and such a good big and little brother.  Often times I find you helping Griffin out, or sharing your toys with him when I haven't even asked you to.

{see how he looks at things....with his right eye only}

You LOVE LOVE LOVE to watch Toy Story, and Ponyo.  Everytime I hear the Ponyo song, it makes me want to cuddle with you on the couch and watch it with you.  You always ask Mommy to sew {mostly because I think you enjoy my company} - and always want to help me cute fabric.  I think you mostly enjoy helping Daddy use his cool tools though!  You are literally obsessed with power tools and yard tools!! :)

Right when I think you are a Mama's boy, you prove me wrong by requesting Daddy for everything. ;)  I can't believe your Three.  I don't want you to grow up!! 
Mommy and Daddy LOVE YOU SO MUCH Sammie!!!

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