Tuesday, November 8, 2011

13 Months!

I know.  I've been terrible at taking Griffin's monthy pictures.  He's just so...wiggly.  I can't seem to get any good shots unless he's in his highchair! ;)

If you can't tell...he's totally into making silly faces now.  He's getting better at walking, but is still a little heavy in the middle...which he ends up running and falling hard.
He loves to paly in the trash-can {gross I know} and especially loves to throw things away...like the brand new $45 stride rite shoes Mom just bought....
He is babbling lots.
Still loves tp play in the middle of the night...and he refuses to be awake ALONE! ;)
He loves his Big Brother's {mostly Ethan - Sam can be pretty rough on him}
Loves noodles with butter and cheese, and still loves baby food.
Loves playing chase with the boys around the house.
Enjoys playing in Sadies dog bed, and chasing her around too.
He really likes to empty out every single cabinet in the bathroom and all his dresser drawers.  I don't know why I even bother organizing them.  Seriously.
He is my little love muffin.  I love you Griffin!

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