Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Little Sickies.

Sammie is sick :(  I noticed his fever yesterday afternoon, and then while we were eating dinner he was dry-heaving!  Poor guy!!  I stayed home from work to help keep the healthy ones isolated!!  We can't have G sick!  Ethan already had it on Super Bowl Sunday.  Just ran a fever, and wasn't as active.  But felt fine in the morning.
Sam was falling asleep on the floor with Daddy around 5:50pm, so we got him in the bath and he asked to go to bed.  We knew he wasn't feeling well at all.  He only woke up once in the night and Daddy went to cuddle with him the rest of the night.  He even went to bed with no supper!!  Poor little guy!!

This morning he woke up burning up again, but nothing a little medicine couldn't take care of.  He is still a little under the weather, but not enough to stop bugging his brother!  During lunch time Sam was doing the usual food flinging and water spitting at his brother {older} much for keeping his germs to himself!

{more Daddy?!}

 {So tired and ready for bed at 6pm}

 {this kid hasn't taken a bath alone since he was just a little baby}

{Such a good boy, taking his medicine}

{Finally EATING this morning!!}

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