Wednesday, February 9, 2011

4 Month Shots.

Our littlest got shots today. :(  We missed his 4 month shots and had to re-schedule.  As you might know already we had to get a new Dr. {total bummer}  Our last Dr. took a position at the hospital leaving us high and dry!!  I was pretty tore up about it.  He knew us.  His nurse was the BEST.  I am seriously going to miss her!!
So we went to our new nurse for shots this morning.  Except it was a different nurse, who doesn't work with our Dr.  I was disappointed about this too.  I wanted to talk to her about getting G on an Alternative Shot Schedule {recommended by Dr. Sears}. 

Now I am all about vaccines and fully understand the importance of them.  But what I DON'T understand is WHY must we give a 4 month old so MANY at one time.  I mean he got a total of 6 vaccines today.  That's 6 viruses entering his little {but rather big} body all at once.  How horrible!!  The alternative shot schedule recommends getting 2 at a time every month to get caught up over a period of 2 years.

Does anyone else do this?  I'd love to hear feedback on this subject!!

I was so ticked at the nurse who ended up giving G his shots.  First off, we went right at his nap time {bad idea}  He fell asleep while waiting on the nurse to take her sweet a** time getting the shots.  The she barges in the room {wakes him so rudely} and tells me to lay him on the table.  Then she starts shoving the oral vaccine down his throat.  He was clearly gagging and trying to catch his breath and crying.  I immediately picked him up and told her he likes it slow.  We always give him his medicine SLOW!!! 

I felt so bad for G I wanted to cry!!   What a way to wake up from a cat nap...
gagging on some nasty vaccine!

But were home now, and G seems to be handling it pretty well.  So I've got 2 sickies at home today, and E is at school!!

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