Wednesday, October 27, 2010

1 Month!!

Can you believe it's already been 1 month?!  I can't!  It has flown by.  I am going to take his picture every month on his special quilt that I made for him so we can watch him grow! :)  I tried to take his picture here, but he was a little {or a lot} HUNGRY!!  His facial expressions are changing so much especially when I talk to him!  I just LOVE it!!  I think I am in a sleep if something in this sounds know why!

Griffin has started this "wake up and play at night" thing for the past 3 nights now.  From 3-5am he just wants to hang out.  Mommy wants to hang out with her eyes closed...but he doesn't like that very much. He only naps in his swing now, or while being held...heck, at least I can get somethings done now!!  I took him to the chiropractor on Monday and Wednesday to help with his colic...I have noticed a difference...hopefully it stays that way!! :)  Isn't he just SO cute?!?!

1 comment:

  1. I just love that little tongue. hahaha so cute. and I am loving that quilt! the colors and the prints are awesome together!!!


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