Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sewing for a GIRL!

No, not us!  I had my first customer the other day!  She asked me to make her a cute baby blanket and onesie for her brand new baby girl.  Boy I tell ya, it was pretty AWESOME buying cute pink fabric and using pink thread... {shh, don't tell Nick how much fun I had, he might freak out that I am getting ideas already}
This is how it turned out:
I just LOVE this fabric.  So cute with the pink pears and apples, then with the pink minky dot on the backside!
I embellished the onesie with some cut out pears and apples, then stitched around so it wouldn't fray.
I added a burp cloth too!  The fabric was so cute, I wouldn't imagine it just sitting around my house...I mean what in the world would I do with girl fabric!?

Thanks Lauren!  And congrats on your baby girl!! 

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