Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Weekend

We went to Okoboji again last weekend.  The boys spent 4 1/2 hours playing in the sand and water on Saturday!  I think if Sam had a nap and we had brought more food along, they would have played ALL DAY!  Ethan even got in the water by himself, but was too scared to venture out to the trampoline - because it actually required you to swim! (even with Daddy)  Sam really really loved digging and throwing sand, and getting his toes wet.

Ethan loves fishing.  He could do it all day!  He caught so many fish, and was so EXCITED!!

Someone's having a fit because it wasn't time to go outside yet!!

Daddy to the rescue!  Sam didn't even like being in the water up to his waist.

I am suprised they actually went for this!  Didn't last long, once the waves started hitting their bellies, they were out! :)

Playing with a new friend

Notice Ethan's cheeks??  Daddy applied sunscreen....he's a "pro"! ;)

cuddling with Mama for an evening boat ride

Can you see Ethan going wild in the background?  This caused him to sleep the entire way home from the lake.  That hasn't happened since he was a baby! :)


  1. looks like sooo much fun!!! and you look so cute in your bathingsuit! i love it. love the picture of the boys sitting in the chairs :)

  2. Such great family memories! Love it! You look great, Jennie! Hope you feel great too!


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