Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Adventures

This past week it has finally warmed up enough to be outside with the boys.  Nick has started to work on his benches again, along with all the other projects he has going on.  Samuel just loves being outside...just the freedom of running around or chasing Sadie.  Ethan comes outside for just a few minutes before he is ready to go in again.  He has never really been a big fan of the little pools either, but I think Sam is just going to love it! 

Sam has had many firsts in the last week or so.  Like:
 walking on grass for the 1st time - which he thought was really weird at first
swinging - likes it but not too high or he gets really scared
blowing bubbles - more like spitting on the bubbles, or trying to blow them out like birthday candles
and tomorrow he will have his first Easter egg hunt in the backyard.

I filled all the eggs today, with candy.  When Ethan was Sam's age, I remember filling those eggs with grapes and coins for his piggy bank!  We would have NEVER allowed candy!!  Hahaha, funny how things change with the 2nd child.  I can definetley see how the 1st has to "pave the way" for the younger siblings!!  Poor Ethan, but I know he can handle it!  He's the "first born"!!

Addicted to gaming!!!

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