Tuesday, March 30, 2010

14 Weeks

Well, we are now onto week 14!!!  I put a poll up on the blog for you to guess if you think it's going to be a boy or a girl.  6 more weeks until we find out...your guesses would be fun to see!  I guess boy, because I have been having so many boy dreams latley!!  I have been feeling alot better latley.  Not so nauseated at the sight of everything.  My energy level has come back a little bit too.  Which is just in time.  The sanding of mud and drywall is done downstairs, and there needs to be some MAJOR cleaning before we can start to prime and paint.  If you want to come occupy my kids while I clean...please do, or if you'd rather clean while I occupy my kids...by all means, COME OVER!!!

I am so glad to have the weather warming enough to get the kids outside to play.  Sam could play all day outside.  Ethan doesn't care so much for it!  Two totally different boys!  Speaking of Ethan, last night we went to home deopt for tile, and Ethan had a melt down on the way out because we said no to Pringles on the way out.  Well he was screaming and crying as we walked out of Home Depot, which you know, will draw some attention.  About halfway to the car, Nick asks Ethan why he is so upset.  Ethans response was priceless.  He said "Because I wanted those damn chips".  It took everything in me not to laugh as I scolded him for cussing.  Sometimes that kid's got a bit of a mouth on him.  And other times, he looks at you with his sweet blue eyes and says "Mommy, your my best friend, I love you so much", and it just melts your heart!

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