Monday, March 22, 2010

Last week of my 1st trimester...

Today begins week 13, the last week of our first trimester. That's reassuring!!  For the past week, I have not had as many sick days, and have not been as tired.  Not too much energy, but I don't have to pry my eye balls open all day!! ;)  Last week we had our 1st trimester ultrasound.  Everything looked great!!  Was measuring a few days small...but not going to change anything just yet.  The baby is about an ounce now.
And, of course I asked about the sex.  The tech told me it was too soon to tell!!  So we will just have to wait another 6-7 weeks to find out, trust me, the anticipation is killing me!!  Otherwise we are so relieved the baby is healthy!!

1 comment:

  1. a shrimp!!! :) too cute! glad to hear that your check up went well!


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