Friday, June 12, 2009

More Shots.

Sammie got the pleasure of going to the pediatrician today! He weighs a whopping 17 lbs 3oz.! He's huge! But he's been eating about 3 meals of baby food a day, plus still he's just growing like a weed! This was the first time that he got shots and handled it really well. Of course he cried when the vaccine was injected, but as soon as I picked him up afterwards, he was pretty much fine!! Yeah! Sammie is pretty much sitting up on his own now. He still needs you to sit right by him, as every once in a while he'll forget what he's doing and just tip over. He is also getting up on his hand and knees and rocking his body, like he just wants to take off! I know it will only be a matter of time and he'll be crawling. WOW...time flies. Why does he have to grow up? :( Oh! And I'm trying to catch the "ma ma ma ma ma" on video, because if I tell you he says "mama" I know you won't believe me! ;)


  1. Nice work on nursing! That is great! We really need to try to get together to walk one of these days. Sammie is getting so big- and so adorable. And Ethan- I cant harldy recognize him with his haircut! He looks so old! I hope you guys are enjoying your summer.

  2. Wow!! Sammie will be crawling before you know it! That's awesome! Wayto go Sammie:)


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