Monday, March 2, 2009

Checkout Line.

Just a few days ago, I made a trip to target with the kids. Sammie in his car seat in the top of the cart, and Ethan rode in the back of the cart - squished with all the items we needed. Well anyways, when your in the checkout line does it automatically give people the right to breathe all over your baby, get in his face and call him a her?! If you know me, you know that over the past couple years I have become an obsessive compulsive germaphobe. Always washing my hands, always asking Nick if he washed his hands, having lots of Clorox anywhere and Clorox wipes on hand are a must in our house. I don't know what made me like this, but sometimes it's worse than others. This is why I have a problem taking my boys to places like target, walmart or the grocery store. I cringe the whole time.

So this lady in line was with her germ filled 9 year old, who was hovering over Sammie, saying how cute "she" was. I kept pulling the cart closer to me as I was paying and she kept scooting closer. Maybe if she was older she would have gotten my subtle hint? Well she finally was about to reach her dirt filled fingernails into my baby's car seat to touch his tiny precious hand. I think I had a small heart attack. I quickly spit out "Please don't touch him". Her mom kinda looked at me. And the little girl says "Why"? I told her because little kids have lots of germs and I don't want my baby getting sick. You should have seen the mom's face. She looks at her daughter and says "Some one's afraid of a few germs"! And I said to her "No, I just don't want him sick and I don't want people I don't know touching my baby". I thought she was going to shoot me. BUT I STOOD MY GROUND. I am so proud of myself!!! :)
On a lighter note, Ethan and Sammie are doing great. Sammie is growing so much, and so is Ethan. I just noticed that all of Ethan's pants are about 1.5 inches too short! I think he grew alot this winter. We cannot wait until we don't have to be cooped up in this house any longer. I cannot wait to be outside on the deck in the swing with Sam watching Ethan and Sadie play in the yard!!


  1. You crack me up, good for you! I'm a germ person too, so nasty!

  2. Good for you to stick up to that lady & her yucky kid! hahahah;) wish i could have been there! LOL!

  3. I couldn't agree more! I think I might feel exactly the same with my own (if I had kids...)

    good for u ! <3


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