Friday, January 30, 2009

Got to Love Smiles.

Yesterday I had to work all day. I walk in the door last night at 7:36 after working 12 long hours and first thing Nick says to me is "check the camera, I got some great pictures on it today". Keeping in mind Nick rarely takes a picture, unless I ask him to. So I figured this has to be good.
Much to my surprise I missed a day full of smiles from Sammie. :(

But this morning...we were playing on the floor and he was getting frustrated with me because I was making him do "tummy time". So I flipped him over and low and behold I got a smile, just like in the picture! I real big one! I love smiles from a child. It means your doing something right!

Funny Story: Now that we have an infant int he household again, all those things we normally just do without even thinking about are slowed down. For example. I can't just jump in the shower whenever I feel like it. Sammie has to be content, and Ethan has to be in the "trusting" mood. Others with more than 1 child know what I mean. This is what happened when I thought Ethan was in the trusting mood.
I put Sammie in his swing and Ethan was eating "loop loops" (fruit loops) and watching cartoons on the couch. Perfect time for a shower right? WRONG. I get out of the shower and the house is just WAY too quiet for there to be nothing going on, if you know what I mean. I peek around the corner and Ethan had a good portion of his match box cars int he swing with Sammie. I asked Ethan what he was doing, and he so sweetly responds "Sammie wanted to play with my cars Mommy". I couldn't help but laugh. Who know what else went on while I took a rush shower! I thought about setting up the video camera to record while I was in there one time...just to see what goes on when no eyes are watching. Or do I even want to know?

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  1. That is so cute! Oh how fun and what a joy to have two boys, they are going to be great buds!


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