Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Bed!

Well...Griffin's swing broke.  Finally.  I was dreading this day for a while.  Yep.  He's 15 months old and STILL naps in his swing.  The motor completely died.  So I am def. not going out to buy another one.  Time to just bite the bullet and transfer him to his crib.  And since he hates that so much, I just turned it into a toddler day bed in hopes he will like that fact that he's not "trapped" in it.

yes, he loves to suck his thumb.  It's always in his mouth!

He was sleeping until my flash woke him...but that's ok, he'd been napping for a long time anyways.  At first his naps only lasted about 40 minutes.  So he went from taking 2 naps a day totaling to about 4-5 hours of napping a day...all the way down to 40 minutes a day.  Killer on my free time that's for sure.  He still will only take a late morning nap...the afternoon nap is almost impossible to get out of him anymore.  Which makes him extremely ready for bed by 7pm!

He's getting better.  So far the longest nap I've gotten from him is 3 hours.  Totally awesome when you get an unexpected amount of free time! :)  Soon we are going to transfer him to his very own bunk bed.  He LOVES Ethan's bunk bed...so we are on the hunt for his own.  I'd love a navy blue or dark green one...but am worried about the paint chipping over time...

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