Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday Celebrations.

Sammie's pile o presents!

Cousins - Dylan and Ethan

Griffin enjoying his Christmas ;)

notice the missing tooth on top?? :)

that pretty much sums up their excitement!
both boys got their favorite snack in their stockings...pringles!  Yep.  I let them eat pringles for breakfast...don't judge me...they loved it! :)  They both are cuddling under the blankets I made them for Christmas :)

I could not get too many clear pictures, the boys were SO excited they were literally RUNNING around trying to find presents with their name on it! :)
Santa brought Sammie exactly what he asked him for.  A tool workshop!!  He was BEYOND excited ;)

this kid LOVES angry birds!

Go figure...I battled with the pre lit tree 3 times this year.  When I put it up, the top AND bottom were burnt out.  I took off all the lights on the top, what a PAIN!!  I ended up cutting them off, and nearly loosing my mind.  So the burnt out bottom part, I just left and wrapped the lights over them.  Then Christmas morning, the front bottom burnt out.  Ha!  I will not ever buy a pre-lit tree again.  I was ready to throw it in the dumpster!
 both boys loved Sammie's new yard work tools.  This kid especially loves TOOLS, and mowers, and blowers, and spin trimmers.  One day he'll be right next to daddy helping him with his business! :)

Ethan got a platypus karaoke machine for Christmas...but is still pretty embarrassed to use it when anyone is watching... 

We had a great Christmas this year.  The boys were SO excited this year.  We left food out for the reindeers and candy rather than cookies for Santa.

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