Monday, November 28, 2011

Sam's MRI.

Last Friday, Sam had his MRI to completely rule out Retinoblastoma Cancer.  We checked in at the Children's Hospital at 9am.  From there we got to head up to his room and endure the pain of 4 sets of eye drops.  The first drops they gave him was the Lidocane {to numb his eye for the eye exam}.  I guess those can burn pretty good, so from then on out he was terrified to get drops. 


Yeah.  We had to go through that 3 more times.  It sucked.  The nurse had to literally PRY his eye lid open and get a drop in there while he was screaming "Daddy Daddy Daddy".  It wasn't fun.  For him OR me.  But we made it through! ;)

While we waited I broke out the squinkees.  A new toy for a special little boy who was not having a fun morning.  He loved them.  So glad I brought him something special.  From there we got wheeled down to MRI.  I got to ride on the bed with Sam...I think that made him feel a little better about everything that was going on.  Then once we got down there the nurse said just one more set of drops...I could have killed her at this point.

Next it was time for Sammie to go to sleep.  Luckily I got to hold him on my lap while he wore his mask.  I really forgot just how awful that stuff smells.  Poor Sam.  He fought it.  He kicked the guy trying to help, screamed and cried.  Tried to rip the mask off his face, then a few seconds {which seemed like an eternity} later he was a limp noodle.  I won't lie, that was pretty hard to see...but I kept it together.  If my Mother in law wasn't there I think I would have lost it.  Thanks Kris, for keeping me strong!! :)
{Sam still knocked out.  They put his IV in while he was under anesthesia - Thank God!!}
So Tufty did his eye exam and then showed me the picture he took of the back of his eye.  I could see where the leaky blood vessel was and how filled the eye was with this extra fluid.  It was pretty much covered, and Dr. Tufty thought it had been going on for quite some time.  Which just made me feel awful for not knowing.  He told me that he thinks Sam is in Stage 3a of Coats.  Which is pretty progressed.  It's the last stage in which Cryo therapy can be used and effective.  It's too late for Laser.  In stage 3b the retina is completely detached.  Luckily he said Sammie's is still attached.  AND!!!!  NO SIGNS OF ANY TUMORS - NO CANCER!!!!  That was a HUGE weight off my shoulders.

So now I just feel like it's another hurry up and wait.  We got results, but because his Coats Disease was so far progressed, Dr. Tufty is sending us to Minneapolis for treatment and surgery.  I am hopeful they can get us in for surgery this week.  That would make me feel so much better.  It's just a matter of taking the whole family up there and dealing with this.  Ethan will probably have to miss a few days of school, but hey - who ever said playing hookey for a few days isn't ok!? :)  I hope to hear from the Dr. today as to when we will head up there.

{I took this of Sam after he woke up and was more cheerful - his eyes were super dilated}
This picture was pretty interesting.  In a Coats eye, it will look white in a picture with a flash.  You can kinda see in his left eye it's not as red as his right eye - more white.  Interesting isn't it?  Once the retina has totally detached, it will forever be white.

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  1. Awww precious Sammie! What a strong little man he is. And what a strong mommy you are!!! Thank you for blogging about how everything went. I love you and your family so very much!! Wish I could be closer to go with you to appointments and help watch the boys. :( Love you all


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