Sunday, October 30, 2011

Painted Pumpkin.

I am totally not into carving pumpkins.  It's messy.  It requires lots of little tools that often break and it way too time consuming.  I just really don't enjoy anything about it.  Ans since the kids are too little to care, or help, I thought we'd paint them instead. :)  Sam loved the idea, because he LOVES to paint!

You'll have to excuse my lousy drawing...the exact reason I don't like carving.  I SUCK at drawing anything!

So I just took a razor blade and cut on the black marker...and the pumpkin "cried"...literally.  It had been outside and I think was plum full of moisture!

Then we peeled off all the tape, leaving the eyes, mouth and nose.  Which will be peeled off after the paint dries. 
Then Sam got to work painting!  We did one color at a time so it wouldn't blend to be all one ugly color.

Sorry, I;m lacking the finished product picture.  Sam had a blast though!  He is so excited to dress up as Luigi and go trick or treating!!

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