Wednesday, July 27, 2011

10 Months!!

10 months later he's.....
  •  cruising the furniture {with speed - and sometimes even one handed!}
  • got 8 teeth total {4 on top, 4 on bottom}
  • still eating baby food.  We've tried table food, but it ends up being chocked on, or thrown on the floor with no interest - unless of course you feed it to him!
  • still loving Mama's milk, I hope he switches over to milk easily!
  • Waking up at night 2-3 times.  Always waking up to be comforted back to sleep.  And as much as I love that...I am ready for sleep!  5 years of being up with kids at night 6-7 nights a week really wears on your body!
  • Is talking more and more every day.  He still says Dada, Baba, and uh-oh!  He will purposefully throw his sippy on the floor and say uh-oh!  Even though he doesn't like his sippy or take 1 drink from it, I think the fact that we offer it to him is good!
  • Is into everything!!  He is so curious about what your doing, and what he shouldn't be doing!  If the bathroom door is left open, he speed crawls to it just to hang out right by the toilet!  Go figure!  
  • He doesn't put much into his mouth yet! {I know, were lucky - I am hoping he skips this phase all together...especially since the older brothers have TONS of mini Lego's all over the place downstairs.
  • He is wearing a size 5 diaper {same as Sammie} and 18-24 month sized clothes - often a 2T {which is also the same as Sammie}  The shorts end up being "shants" {short pants}on him, but the tops fit his mid-section pretty well!  At least I know he's comfortable!
  • Loves playing with Ethan SO much!!  I often find him and Ethan laughing and playing for quite a while!!  Mama is going to really miss Ethan's help when he starts school!!
  • Loves to take a bath with his older brothers {something new Daddy just started while Mommy is working nights}
  • Loves riding in his stroller after dinner.  That's when he's "bored" and loves getting out and about...what are we going to do during the winter months??  eek!
  • Still naps in his swing, with no intention of ever napping in his crib!  I've tried.  He'd rather hang out in it then cry and cry and cry!  But as soon as he goes in his swing - he's sound asleep.  Which by the way...he has definitely OUTGROWN and I actually have 10lb weights holding each leg down! :)
  • Getting very difficult to hold, change diapers and take pictures of.  He is always arching his back {not because of a tantrum...but he must like the way it holding him is hard - especially since he is 25 + pounds} changing diapers all he does is roll around and giggle!  And for taking pictures..he refuses to sit.still!  He is constantly on the go!  I had to give him boppy pins, a yellow circle toy thing to wear on his head and my camera lens cover to play with just to get some mediocre shots!
  • Has inherited the names: G-dawg, Griff-dawg, Griff-a-lot, Griffy Griff, big boy {all from big brother Ethan!}  Mommy of course prefers pumpkin and love muffin {not sure why they all involve food!?}
 {not at all interested in the camera!}

 {the toy I made him wear in order to sit still for one can actually see him arm reaching for it}

{a little blury - kid won't stop moving}

 {here he is chillin in his swing right after waking up}

We all love you Griffin!!

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  1. so much cuteness! I am totally stealing your weights on the swing idea too - my kiddos have always been swing babies! Love the quilt you have hanging up in the background - it shows off your cuties gorgeous eyes!


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