Sunday, May 29, 2011

8 Months!!!

Yes.  He's 8 months.  He's sitting up.  He's crawling.  He's talking.  He's into everything!!!
Phew...he keeps me B.U.S.Y now.  When he is awake, I really don't get much done.  Thankfully he still naps pretty well {most days}  Sometimes he will only nap 30 minutes, others 3 hours!  He is pretty much outgrown the swing...which is where the little stinker naps right now.  Moving him to his crib is going to be quite the challenge, especially with the big brothers not always being so quiet!  I need to get some sort of white noise going in there...not music...something else, any ideas?

Thankfully he hasn't learned how to climb anything yet, so we are still gate less at the house, I am not looking forward to installing the gates again.  Always worrying if the boys closed it or if the boys will even be able to work it by themselves. 

G loves to talk.  Most things he says are really loud!  He will shout or scream all the time.  He says Da da, Ba ba, and were working on mama.  He loves his toys, and loves to be held.  Like all day.  He's pretty good at letting you know when he is bored and hungry and tired! :) 

We love you G-

Mama and Dada

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