Thursday, April 28, 2011

7 Months!!

It's hard to believe G is 7 months old already.  For those who are interested, he weighs 21 lbs 6 oz. {wowza} and is about 27.5 inches tall.  And that was actually at his 6 month check, so I am sure he is bigger now.  He is starting to babble, and says lots of "Dadadada"...go figure.  I think all the boys said Dada first.  I'm blaming it on it;s an easy word to say. :)  And yes, he still loves to suck his thumb.

G loves to roll around on the floor.  He can go anywhere he wants to just by rolling there!  He is almost sitting up.  He will sit up just fine if you sit behind him, and he won't even lean on you, but once you put him up alone, he tips right over! He is starting to move his hips upward and get into the crawling position...sometimes he will even do a quick rock or two!!  I am SO not ready for him to be mobile.  I will get nothing done!!!  I will always be worrying if the boys closed the gate up etc...can't wait! ;)

He is still not too interested in baby food, but over the the past few days he has done really well with pears!  Gobbled them up last night!  He has tried oatmeal, rice cereal, bananas, carrots, peas, sweet potato's, pears, and apples.  Out of all that he only really likes pears, and will tolerate peas and sweet potato's!  And he's really good at drinking Mama Milk! :)

G is not the best sleeper, but are any of our kiddos?  He does like to nap, but only in his swing.  I'm scares of what will happen when he gets too big for it.  It's already squeaking because of his weight...we are going to have some rough days when he does get too big for it.  We need to get some sort of noise maker for his nursery once he goes to the crib...any suggestions on that {the noise maker...or going into the crib}   He dislikes his crib so much, only in the morning does he like it.  He can be sound asleep in my arms, and as soon as I put him in it, he is awake and crying!

He LOVES to cuddle {spooning especially} I just love that!  Mommy and Daddy love your so much G!! xoxo

{here he is on his hands and knees rocking it!!  oh and don't mind the girls Boppy, my husband bought it "for me" rather than S :)  Too cute} 

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  1. wow!!!!! he is growing up so fast! I just love that last picture of him with his gangsta lean :) I miss him!!! September can't get here fast enough!


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