Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Things and a Giveaway!!

This little guy had lots of milestones this last week!  He got 2 teeth within 2 days {you can see them in the picture below}, he had food, real food, sweet potatoes to be exact for the first time today.  So far, so good.  I think he would have eaten the entire jar...had I let him...

 Sam is serving up some yummy food, a scoop of mashed potatoes,
a sliced tomato and a lego!  Yum! ;)

 ....and he found his toes!!

 This little guy is FINALLY feeling better!!  After about 5 weeks of being sick off and on.  I took him in to the Dr. and he says Ethan had influenza. {ick}  Thank goodness the other boys DID NOT get it.  I Lysol-ed everything everyday!!  I think it helped! :)

Now~ to ENTER the $40 shop GIVEAWAY...
head over to See Kate Sew.  Good Luck!!

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