Friday, January 28, 2011

4 Months Old!!

 {who's this guy?!  And why is he staring at me!?}

 {I do this a lot!}

{tummy time!!} 

 {Are you listening to my story?}

{I can hardley fit into my bumbo!!}

4 Month Check:
  • Weight: 17lbs
  • Height: 25 1/4 in
G is by far our hugest baby yet!  We got the green light from our new Dr. to start rice cereal.  Its definitely not a priority since he is already so big, but I think it might help his reflux, since it's getting bad again.  For the past week or so, G has been SUPER DUPER fussy.  He refuses to nurse to sleep anymore, making me feel like I have no idea how to console him.  I feel useless when he is fussy.  Super Dad/Husband actually does a better job than I do! :(  Nick has had to rock him to sleep the last 5 nights, as Griffin just screams and screams when it's me.  I feel like I am at a total loss.  Nothing seems to work to calm him down.  He basically just has to cry it out.  And if you know me, I hate that, I could never do that to my child!!

I know he is teething, I can feel the teeth bumps in hid gums...I hope those suckers pop through soon!!  He is such a good baby in the morning and once evening comes...he's out of control!! :(  I feel so bad for him!! 

I have learned NOT to hold onto any clothes because I think they might be "too big".  Several outfits I thought for sure were too big for him, are actually too small.  I could barely get his arms into one of them because his forearms are so chubby!  I don't think he was comfy in it at all.  Never wore it, and I already have to retire it!

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