Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Get Your Kleenex Out...

My best friend Breanne, shared this beautiful and heart warming blog with me a few weeks ago.  I have to share it with you, because I can't stop thinking about it. 

It takes me back to when the Dr. told us that Samuel had some concerning characteristics of being Down Syndrome.  I felt like such a terrible Mom for the thoughts that ran through my head that afternoon.  Wondering how different my life was going to be, wondering Why ME?  Why US?  I am not strong enough to handle this.  Why did He pick me?  My brother is Downs Syndrome, so I know first hand just how trying and challenging yet rewarding it can be to have a special needs child.
After reading this woman's story, I got it.  I got that it's OK, to be sad, and it's ok to be confused and feel lost.  I also got that they are a gift.  The best unexpected gift you can receive.  My brother is so loving, and so sweet, I couldn't imagine life without him. 

You MUST read her story.  Click HERE to read it.

Makes you really aprreciate everything in your life....including your children!

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  1. I was seriously tearing up just reading your post. You're right Jennie! Ryan is just a blessing to everyone he comes in contact with. What a special young man, with an incredible loving heart. So thankful ALL of your boys are strong and healthy. love you bunches ;)


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