Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stick Letter

I've been slacking in the baby's nursery decorations.  Partly because he doesn't even sleep in there...so what's the point really?!  I think we are FINALLY moving on from the colicky nights and onto a more sleep filled night.  He is doing really well on the Zantac for his silent reflux as well.  Overall he is just a much better baby.  He still has his moments, and still like to arch his back, but compared to even 2 weeks ago, things are much more relaxed!  Praise the Lord because I go back to work in just a little over a week! :(  I am so sad!!  It has been SO NICE to be home with the boys on the weekends and during dinner time.  I am really going to miss that, ALOT!

Anyways, I was looking on the Pottery Barn website and saw how CUTE this was:

So I decided to make my own.  Luckily, the yard was FULL of sticks and leaves, and it was yard work day...so I stocked up!!  It was kind of difficult finding sticks that would bend and ended up using branches that were still "alive".  But it worked!  A little {or a lot} of hot glue did the trick! I like how it turned out.  And the wall colors are almost the same color!  Griffin's room is pretty sparse though.  Nothing hangs on the walls...and the cute bumper I made for him sits in his closet.  {Mostly because is doesn't fit in there when the crib mattress is on the highest level, and because I washed it and the insides got tangled beyond belief, so I had to seam rip it open and fix it, and have not had the time, or desire,  to sew it back up!  I am going to paint little stars on his wall around his crib eventually...probably when he's 2!


  1. Jennie, you should search online for star wall stickers! It would save you time from painting and then maybe you could get it done before he's 2 and thinks that stars aren't cool! ;)

  2. Mindy, you are hilarious! Thats a great idea...I didn't know they made start stickers. We have the hard plastic ones on the ceiling...I'll have to look for those! Thanks! :)


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