Saturday, August 28, 2010

Basement Update

I know.  It's a mess.  STILL.  It's definitely slow going, but we have something to motivate us now with only 4 weeks left until baby comes!!  I think Nick works better under pressure! ;)  We have 99% of the walls painted, all expect living room.  Trim is all up, just needs primer and paint.  Doors are all hung, needs primer and paint.  The floor and shower are done in the bathroom, need to set the vanities and toilet.  Next task?  Picking out and ordering carpet.  Everything else is minor and can be done after comes comes if need be!

{so this is coming down the stairs, to the right is laundry room, straight ahead is the family room, and the other doorway you see is Ethan's room.}

{Bathroom view from Ethan's room - I think Ethan is excited for a new tub!}

{ bath view from Sammie's room, that's the wall where the 2 vanities will go}
{I'm sure Nick is going to kill me for putting the picture up...plumber crack and all - I just wanted to show you all what a hard worker he is!! - Love him!!}

{View of Ethan's room from Bathroom.  There will eventually be trim around the middle of the room to separate the 2 colors}

{another view of Ethan's room from corner}

{Looking out from Ethan's room into family room and upstairs}

{Samuel's room from corner - door on left is bath.  Their room colors are similar but not the same.  Bottom color is the same, but top color in Ethan's room is more blueish, Sam's is more greenish}

{View of Sam's room from entryway}

{another view of Sam's room.  I'd like to make the little corner area into some shelves.  We HAD to put that wall there to be able to access some water meter thing}

{Family Room and Ethan's doorway and a glimpse of the vanities}

{Family room and the laundry and upstairs}

{Family Room - door on left is furnace room - door on right is Sam's room}

I think we are both SO relieved that this HUGE project is just about done.  I seriously cannot wait to have no more drywall dust tracked throughout the house and to feel a lot more comfortable when the boys are going down the stairs once carpet is in place!  I think the next "major" project will be taking apart Ethan's bunk bed to somehow fit it downstairs.  And if you ever get the pleasure to sleep on the top bunk, you won't be able to roll over. {I;m kidding...kind-of...I really don't think it's "that" close to the ceiling - only time will tell!!}

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