Sunday, July 4, 2010

29, Here I Come!!

Today, at 12:53 I turned 29.  This is the last year of my 20's.  Seems like just yesterday it was the last year I was going to call myself a "teenager".  Wow.  Time sure does fly.  I had to work today, but ended up getting off early to celebrate with my fav. meal ever....homemade spaghetti and meatballs!!  We have actually decided to avoid the fireworks this year.  #1 Too many mosquitos, and if you saw how I react to mosquito bites, you would totally understand why.  #2 The boy's have been up since 5:45am, and I don't think it would be pleasant waiting until the 10:30 firworks start!  #3  Did I mention too many mosquitos?!!?  ;)

So instead we took a ride in the mustang, and the entire time Ethan was shouting "THIS IS SO AWESOME"!!  To say the least he had a blast.  Sam was tired and didn't care for the wind too much...but still managed to enjoy himself.  Thanks for a great 29th Birthday my hubster and kiddos!  Love you guys!

Have you ever seen this kid, SO EXCITED???


  1. good idea skipping out on the fireworks! although since there are no celebrations over here, that's one thing I really missed... but a convertible ride is always fun ~
    happy summer!
    & happy birthday!

  2. You look absolutely fantastic Jennie! You're JUST a belly! I love it.
    And Ethan's face is priceless.
    Happy Happy Birthday Jennie!!!!!! yeay


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